UVc treatment

What is UV-C treatment?

UV-C treatment is a process that destroys much of the pollution contained in water by the action of radiation emitted on a specific wavelength. This method can destroy micro-organisms present in the water, and certain types of molecule such as chloramines and ozone.

How does it work?

Living cells, ozone molecules and chloramines are destroyed by the action of UV-C emitted on a wavelength of 254 nm. This radiation is provided by one or more lamps, protected by a quartz sheath and positioned in a treatment chamber, through which the water flows. The systems are sized based on data concerning the application, the flow rate and the transmittance of the water being treated. The water leaving the filter is disinfected (micro-biologically healthy). Unlike other treatments, UV-C treatment has the advantage of not involving chemical products.



What are its applications?

Our low pressure UV-C technology can be used in many fields:

  • Water supplies, production of drinking water. 
  • Foodstuffs industries. 
  • Swimming pools (reduction of chloramines - French Ministry of Health approval on 21st December 2006 DGS/SD7A N° 1530). 
  • Shellfish farming. 
  • Fish farming. 
  • Aquariums. 
  • Spas, thalassotherapy, balneotherapy. 
  • Bottling. 
  • Pharmaceutical industry. 
  • Cooling towers. 
  • Treatment of rain water and drill water. 
  • Prevention of bacteria risk in public buildings. 
  • Sanitary hot water systems. 
  • Treatment of waste water (STEP). 

Stainless UVc generators

Stainless UVc generators




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