a_Stream self-cleaning filter

Stream self-cleaning filter

Manual self-cleaning filter

Self-cleaning filters are generally used on the main water pipe,
immediately after the meter. Their specific feature is that they have
a cleaning system that doesn?t need the filter to be disassembled
or the water supply to be cut off.
The particles in suspension trapped by the filter are removed by
opening a valve on the bottom of the self-cleaning filter. 

- 2-phase filtering: 90 and 40 μm, on stainless mesh filters.
- Inlet / outlet: ¾" F and 1" F, using adapter pieces (supplied).
- Max. filtering rate: 4 m3/h.
- Service pressure: 4 bars.
- Max. pressure: 6 bars.
- Water temperature: 5 to 25°C.
- Ambient temperature: 5 to 40°C.
- Gauge indicates pressure in system.

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