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Quality Policy and Objectives

The purpose of the CWTI Quality Policy is "To develop the company through Customer Satisfaction".

This Policy gives rise to objectives in the following areas:

  • Growth of the QH2O activity
  • Increased customer proximity
  • Quality of our products and services
  • Our prices
  • Profitability

This Policy is based on:

  • The skills and motivation of all company personnel
  • An organisation that is continuously adapted to effectively match the defined orientations

Customer satisfaction is monitored by CWTI

The CWTI Operations management handles the application of the Quality policy personally, and also monitors the compliance of the Quality System. Operations management reports to the QH2O Business Unit manager.

Qualité Comap Water Treatment

Quality policy

We need to win customers over and keep them, by ensuring that we offer them a product, a service, a quality and a price that correspond to their requirements and that is always more appropriate than our competitors’ offer.

Stimulate the development of the Water Quality activity within COMAP.
Offer proximity, for better contact and a better service.
Guarantee the quality of our solutions and products.
Ensure company profitability.

To apply this policy, I’m counting on the involvement and responsiveness of everyone to play his/her part in the CWTI team. I personally am committed to the application and promotion of this policy, and to ensure that the defined objectives are achieved.

Ms BOUCHARD- Operations Manager - COMAP Water Treatment October 2010


COMAP Water Treatment has been certified ISO 9001:2008 since 06/05/2008.
This certification was renewed for 3 years in May 2014, until 26/07/2017

Comap Water Treatment