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Comap Water Treatment produits pour le traitement de l'eau

Plant at Mont�lier (26) France, certified ISO 9001.

Comap WT specialises in the design, manufacture and control of water treatment systems for residential applications (household and collective), and also for industrial applications (industry and community), in many fields.

Expertise in the following technologies:

  • Filtering and micro-filtering
  • Heating system collectors
  • Drinking water production
  • Physical anti-scaling systems
  • Water softening
  • Low pressure UV-C disinfection
  • Dechloramination of public swimming pools
  • Waste water treatment (Step)
  • Drinking water micro-stations on solar panels


Drinking water quality water systems:

Drinking water quality in water systems for enhanced comfort and to protect your health.

Material protection of pipes and heating systems:

Anti-clogging, corrosion and scaling solutions to protect pipes and heating systems.

Dechloramination of swimming pool water:

Dechloramination for leisure activity water and public swimming pools.

Spa activity, thalassotherapy, balneotherapy:

Water treatment for thalassotherapy and balneotherapy centres, and for hotels.

Treatment of rain water:

Treatment of rain water for utilisation in buildings.

Household electrical equipment:

Systems integrated into household electrical equipment (adsorption, anti-scaling).

Prevention of bacteria risk in public buildings:

Multi-treatment of water in hospitals and hotels.

Waste water released into the environment:

STEP units that treat / recycle water released by treatment stations.

Treatment of sea water:

UV disinfection of salt water for fish farms, water sports centres and aquariums.

Process water:

Filtering of process water from foodstuffs industries (treatment of mineral water, canning factories, slaughterhouses or cheese producers), pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and other industries.

Comap Water Treatment