Comap Water Treatment, the Water Quality activity of COMAP SA

Water Quality, Living Quality

Our plant is certified ISO 9001 and is located at Mont�lier (26). The site has been specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of water treatment systems, for more than 30 years and in many fields:

  • Filtering and micro-filtering
  • Collectors/Decanters in chilled/heating water systems
  • Ensuring drinking water quality
  • Physical anti-scaling systems
  • Softening
  • Low pressure UV-C disinfection
  • Dechloramination of public swimming pools
  • Waste treatment (Step)
  • Micro drinking water stations on solar panels

The applications of these systems may be residential (household and collective), and also industrial, in all fields (community, industry and OEM).

After more than 30 years of existence, Comap Water Treatment has built up a considerable expertise in the following fields, for household, collective and industrial applications:

  • Drinking water systems for health and comfort through public water supplies.
  • Material protection of pipes and heating systems against clogging, corrosion and scaling.
  • Dechloramination of swimming pool water for public swimming pools and leisure centres.
  • Treatment of hot water (spas, thalassotherapy, balneotherapy, hotels).
  • Treatment of rain water, for household and collective utilisation.
  • Foodstuffs industry (mineral water, canning factories, slaughterhouses, cheese producers, etc.).
  • Prevention of bacteria risk in public buildings (hospitals, hotels, etc.).
  • Treatment of waste water released into the environment (treatment stations and recycling).
  • Treatment of sea water (fish farms, leisure, aqua-sports centres, and aquariums).
  • Treatment of process water (pharmaceutical, industry, laboratories).

société Comap Water TreatmentPartner of the 1001 Fontaines association

The water treatment experience of Comap Water Treatment has allowed the company to become a partner of the 1001 FONTAINES association. This association was formed in 2004, and works in the humanitarian sector in Cambodia and in Madagascar. The association offers a simple technical solution that allows small, isolated communities to produce their own drinking water by treating, themselves, the locally available resource: surface water (i.e. pond water).

The association provides the equipment and creates a water treatment micro-economy, so that the equipment is maintained and the consumables required for operation are replenished. Following the success of the early projects in 2005 and 2006, in around ten villages in North-West Cambodia, a second version of the "fountain" was developed, in partnership with Comap Water Treatment. These new "fountains" were deployed in Cambodia and in Madagascar, and are now providing drinking water that is completely healthy for more than 70 000 people.

Other projects are going to be developed, with the same ambition: to contribute to a health objective.

Providing around 2 litres of water per person, per day, significantly limits the water-related illnesses from which the Cambodian and Madagascan people are suffering. These illnesses are causing a child mortality rate of almost 20%.

Comap Water Treatment