The group

The COMAP Group designs and manufactures connection and regulation systems. The Group provides overall solutions that enhance the energy performance of buildings.

COMAP is a leading supplier of the thermal generator-transmitter interface that enhances the energy performance of buildings. The Group has more than 60 years of experience in the field of climatic engineering and plumbing. The Group’s industrial expertise and its offer, one of the biggest on the market, allow an overall vision of installations: from the generator to the transmitter. We provide solutions for all problems of water connection, regulation and treatment that may be encountered by building companies.

In 2006, COMAP became part of the Aalberts Industries (AI) NV group, that achieved a 2012 turnover of 2.025 billion euros (2012 annual report).


  • A French industrial group active internationally, with a sales network in more than 20 countries
  • One of the few design and manufacturing companies, of an international size, that is able to offer all the solutions of the thermal generator-transmitter interface.
  • COMAP connection and regulation solutions reduce the overall energy expenditure of buildings, while also enhancing both comfort and safety. COMAP also manufactures and markets water treatment and purification products, such as UV disinfecting, filtering and electronic anti-scaling systems, and water softeners.
  • Export sales represent 60% of turnover
  • Almost 1 000 employees
  • 6 production sites certified ISO 9001 - 2 sites certified ISO 14001
  • Almost 90% of production is in France or in Europe
  • 12 sales subsidiaries


COMAP has been manufacturing and marketing water treatment equipment for more than 30 years. The Water Treatment activity site is certified ISO-9001 and is located at Mont�lier (26), in France. COMAP Water Treatment promotes and develops soft technology water treatment systems, without using chemical substances and while respecting the environment.

Water quality rhymes with living quality

COMAP Water Treatment has expertise in a broad range of technologies to protect and maintain water quality and water systems, while also improving the quality of water used or consumed. These technologies include filtering and micro-filtering, drinking water production, softening, UV-C disinfection and dechloramination, and also waste water treatment (STEP) and anti-scaling protection, etc.

Comap Water Treatment