Limescale is the common name for calcium carbonate deposits. It is naturally present in water and its concentration determines the hardness of the water. The higher the concentration, the harder the water. Hardness may be expressed in degrees or in mg/l. Calcium carbonate or scaling considerably reduces the efficiency of hot water systems, and also shortens their life cycle. It is deposited in pipe systems and household sanitary and industrial water systems. COMAP WT markets various types of equipment for the treatment of calcium carbonate, either physically or chemically. More detailed information can be found in our product lines: SOFTENING / ANTI-SCALING.


Industrial installation or collective water filtering systems are mainly filtering sediment (solid matter in suspension in the water, such as mineral, metal or organic particles, larger than 5 µm). The filters can be installed on the incoming main water supply, on a water point or on an industrial process. The water is filtered through a porous structure that traps solid pollution. Our product line includes various types of filter: stainless steel, brass or plastic, bag or mesh, expendable cartridge, washable or self-cleaning filters. Technical filtering is also used for water intended for consumption. In this case, the water is filtered at a lower rate, in order to filter out the undesirable elements: nitrates / pesticides / herbicides / heavy metals / bacteria. All this equipment is fully described in our FILTERS product line.

Public water systems

Public water supply systems have to be protected against the risk of accidental bacteriological pollution of the water distributed. Various processes exist, and these may be chemical (based on liquid or gaseous phase chlorine) or physical, by UVc disinfecting. The process should be selected according to the level of the bacteria hazard, the consumption rates, the need for treatment remanence and the preservation of the initial qualities of the water. COMAP WT offers a full range of UVc disinfecting treatment systems, from 5 to 300 m³/hr), with all the equipment necessary for sampling and monitoring the operation of these systems. Each installation is specifically analysed and designed, and a technical specification of the recommended equipment is submitted to the customer. Details of our UVc systems are included in the UVc DISINFECTING product lines.

Sanitary hot water / bacteria hazard

The prevention of health hazards related to legionella and other bacteria, in hot water systems, is a constant problem in buildings that receive the public. The problem concerns both old systems that may be difficult to operate, and also new systems that can rapidly become contaminated by bacteria. The directive of 1st February 2010 obliges management/operators of public establishments to permanently monitor their hot water systems. Appropriate UVc radiation kills both legionella and all other bacteria. A contaminated system should be chemically disinfected, unused sections should be isolated and the water system should be connected as a closed loop, if this is not already the case, before the UVc treatment system is installed. A maintenance contract is strongly recommended to ensure that the system operates properly. Details of all these UVc disinfecting systems are given in our UVc DISINFECTING product line.


There are many industrial water treatment applications and these may use any of our product lines. Industrial plants are increasingly seeking to reduce their water consumption by using water from various sources (wells, boreholes, underground water layer, sources, rivers, ponds) or by recycling their process water. Thus, industrial activity mostly uses sediment filtering on both cold and hot water systems, two types of anti-scaling process (physical descaling and water softening systems), sludge removal on both hot water systems and cooling systems, UVc treatment in the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries, cooling towers, non-public supply water (of various origins), and waste water. COMAP WT provides permanent technical support to help define the systems and methods needed to meet your requirements in your industrial activity.

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