4-in-1 Water treatment  unit

4-in-1 Water treatment unit

4-in-1 water treatment unit

- Removes scaling and descales the installation by electric fields.
- Filters the water and retains the impurities by fine membrane filtration (10µ filtration rate).
- Eliminates the bad taste of chlorine by adsorption (activated carbon).
- Reduces the presence of pesticides and herbicides (activated carbon).


- 4in1 Water Treatment Unit is a water treatment station capable of improving the quality of water throughout the house on 4 treatment functions levels. It is easy to install on the water supply and is particularly adapted to individual dwellings with several water supply points in 2 bathrooms.
- Soft treatments without chemical products: the water does not undergo any chemical treatment and preserves its original minerality; the water remains drinkable and rich in calcium carbonates and mineral salts essential for health.
- Does not diffuse any excess sodium in the drink water as with softeners.
- Ecological: does not use any salt and does not discard sodium as with  softeners.
- Economical: less than 1? per month for electricity; saves you from buying bottled water.
- Installation: very easy to install (with hose) on the water supply pipe in less than an hour.
- Ease of maintenance: change the cartridge at least every 6 months.
- Space-saving: can be fixed to the wall; no space occupied on the ground.
- High-quality product, traceability, CE, CSTB certified, 3-year guarantee (factory return).

Electrical functions

- Descaling by electric fields (patented) with 2 treatments power settings.
- Instantaneous flow rate of 1,5 m³/h max. for network water.
- Backlit information panel (provides information on the treatment level).
- Electrical power supply: 230-240 V ~50 Hz, earthed.
- Waterproofness standard: IP 31.
- Electrical standard: CE compliance.
- Fuse: T1A (5 x 20).

Hydraulic features

- Cartridge in Activated carbon
- Opaque filter holder.
- Working pressure: 0 - 4 bars.
- Water temperature: 5 - 30°C.
- Flow of filtered water: 1,5 m³/h max.
- Water quality: up to 60°f or 30° dH.
- Inlet/Outlet via 3/4" female.
- Integrated air bleed in the head.
- Water drain on the filter holder.
- Dimensions: H52,8 x L41 x D16 cm.
- Capacity : up to 60 m3

Replacement cartridge

Item number Description Filtration rate Size Box
RI630100  Activated carbon 
10µ 7" 1

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A_Household water softeners , Softeo + range

Household water softeners , Softeo + range

Volumetric water softener SOFTEO +

-Preset in factory, range from 8l to 26l of resin

-Noryl head

-Bypass included

-Filtration kit included

-Regeneration:4 phases

-Water volume remaining to be softened is displayed

-Instantaneous production rate is displayed

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a_Scale preventers for household protection

Scale preventers for household protection

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Double filter assembled

Double filter assembled

Filtration and polyphosphate protection compound

- Complete waterproof double filter, assembled.
- Polypropylene caps.
- Transparent filter holder in acrylonitrile styrene.
- 20 microns filtration cartridge, item number 517510 and polyphosphates cartridge, item number 527509
- Working pressure: from 0 to 6 bars (bursting 30 bars).
- Water temperature: from 5 to 35°C.
- Max.instantaneous flow: 3000 l/h.- Capacity:up to 180 m³.
- Water quality: up to 40°F or 20°dH.
- Inlet/Outlet 3/4" brass
- Integrated air bleeds in the heads.
- Attachement by double bracket
- Filter holder cap wrench for dismantling the cartridge.

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Mini filter with polyphosphates for washing machine

- Is connected between the tap and the flexible.
- Polypropylene head.
- Transparent filter holder in acrylonitrile styrene.
- working pessure: 0 - 6 bar.
- Water temperature: 5 - 35°C.
- Max.instantaneous flow: 400 l/h.
- Capacity: up to 30 m³.
- Water quality: up to 40°F or 20°dH.
- Inlet/Outlet male/female 3/4".


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Scale preventers

Scale preventers

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Comap Water Treatment