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A little history...

RIME SARL(R�alisations Industrielles M�caniques et Electroniques) was formed in 1975. The company manufactures thermal modules and also does welding and press stamping sub-contracting work.
In 1977, the company worked with Cl�ment-Daniel, manufacturing and marketing electronic anti-scaling systems using the CLEMENT-DANIEL process, which was then a new process that combats scaling by electrical discharges in the water.
In 1979, RIME diversified its activities by taking over the assets of Ets. TARDITTI (light alloy castings, electrical pressure cookers, coffee machines).
In 1987, RIME SA launched an electronic anti-scaling product line, using the RIMEAU process, which was a significant development of the Cl�ment-Daniel process, based on the induction of a pulsed electrical field in the water.
RIME SA was gradually taken over by COMAP, between 1988 and 1993 (100%).
In 1992, RIME won a major analysis/design contract concerning the scaling of packing inside the cooling towers of nuclear power stations, for the French electricity authority (EDF).
Following its takeover by COMAP, RIME SA mainly concentrates on the manufacture and distribution of water treatment systems, and gradually ceased its sub-contracting work.

Since then, many new product lines have been developed

  • 1993 :
    • Filtering equipment (plastic and brass)
    • New water meter inspection window ABRIO 2
    • Magnetic anti-scaling devices (5103 - 5242 - 5102)
    • Sludge collectors (CDB) for hot and cold systems
  • 1995  : Range of UVc sterilisers in synthetic material
  • 1996  : Range of UVc sterilisers in stainless steel
  • 1997  : MINI-CDB sludge collectors, completing the CDB range
  • 1999  : Takeover of the ultra-violet activity from ACTINI-AQUA (takeover of manufacturing, marketing and customer support)
  • 2001 :
    • MEDIUM filtering range
    • ROBOT ALGO range for treatment stations
  • 2002: Startup of the first water treatment unit combining filtering, anti-scaling and UVc steriliser, development of a water demineralising pack for OEM customers manufacturing steam ironing systems.
  • 2004: Setting up of a water softener assembly line, creation of a new range of household UVc sterilisers.
  • 2005: Development of the new 5-in-1 treatment unit.
  • 2006: Granting of French Ministry of Health approval for our low pressure UVc systems, for the treatment of chloramines in public swimming pools.
  • 2008: Development of the new range of STEP units
  • 2009: RIME SA became COMAP Water Treatment
  • 2010: COMAP Water Treatment became a COMAP SA company
Comap Water Treatment