Mud & sediment filters/disinfection

What are sludge removal and descaling?

Sludge removal

Sludge removal is the elimination of the sludge that forms in closed systems, hot or cold. Removing sludge from systems improves the operation of the installations and really does reduce consumption and protect all the circuit components, while requiring little maintenance.

How does a sludge collector work?

The system is designed on the basis of slowing down the flow, which causes low decantation and allows sludge to be removed. The fluid passes through a sludge collector, which defines a water flow circuit (by its geometry) and reduces flow velocity (by its volume). The treatment comprises three successive phases:

  • Low decanting of sludge 
  • Metal oxides collected on magnetic bars 
  • Filtering on stainless mesh 

The sludge is removed through a purge at the low point of the water system. The magnetic bars and the stainless mesh are cleaned during maintenance.

What are its applications?

Two product lines are offered, depending on the application and the size of the circuits to be protected.

Low rate sludge collectors (mini CDB): These meet the requirements of all types of individual or small collective installations, whether they by low temperature type for under-floor heating (transparent tank model up to 60°C), or the conventional type with radiators (metal tank model up to 90°C).
High rate sludge collectors (CDB): These meet the requirements of collective and industrial installations, for air conditioning systems, cooling towers, industrial networks and any other installation of the climatic engineering type. The high treatment capability of this range allows a full flow installation on the circuits.

Descaling of installations

Hot and cold water systems are subject to high levels of scaling. A partially obstructed system can be descaled very quickly using a pump and an acid-based substance.

How to descale your installation?

A pump equipped with a reservoir containing an acid-based substance is used to pump this substance in a closed loop, around the system or equipment that is scaled. The substance gradually dissolves the encrusted scale.

What are its applications?

Ideal for all scaled equipment (systems or appliances), through which liquid can still flow.

Heating filters

Heating filters
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