UVc generators uveo range

UVc generators uveo range

The UVEO range comprises systems that act against micro-organisms that may accidentally exist in drinking water, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or mould.

The treatment principle is based on UVc properties. UVc kill both germs and bacteria. Any living cell can be destroyed by UVc radiation on a wavelength of 253.7 nm.

These devices are also available equipped with a cell of measure UVc allowing to controler the radiation of the UV lamp.

They can be also equipped optional of faucets grips samples to realize samplings before and after treatment.

Items available

Item Number
Power lamp Inlet/Outlet Max treatment rate Cell as standard
Q211006001 36 W 3/4" Male 2 m3/h No
Q211007001 55 W 3/4" Male 3 m3/h No
Q211008001 95 W 1"1/4 Male 5 m3/h No
Q211004001 36 W 3/4" Male 2 m3/h Yes
Q211005001 55 W 3/4" Male 3 m3/h Yes
Q211009001 95 W 1"1/4 Male 5 m3/h Yes


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Part number Part name Quantity
UVc generator uveo 36i + -
UVc generator uveo 55i + -
UVc generator uveo 95i + -
UVc generator with cell uveo 36i + -
UVc generator with cell uveo 55i + -
UVc generator with cell uveo 95i + -
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